Hey, Hey!

Chances are pretty darn high that if you’re reading this page, you were looking for a recipe.

The bad news is, the archives from my tenure of blogging have been officially taken down. I’ve wiped the slate clean and will be moving forward in a whole new direction.  It was an incredibly difficult decision to make, but one that felt absolutely necessary in the end.

The good news is those very recipes have been compiled into a 241-page eBook and is ready to make its way to your hot little hands (and tablets).

Say what?!


I compiled every single recipe I’ve ever shared into an eBook. That’s a whopping 217 recipes (!!) to feast on for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between.

And it can be yours RIGHT NOW.

Dairy free recipes.
Nightshade free recipes.
Gluten free recipes.
Vegetarian and vegan recipes.

All in one convenient digital download.

So get yourself a copy and then go tell your friends and family to do the same.