7 green smoothies that will have you feeling like a goddamn super hero.

I’m pretty sure that green smoothies are the elixir of gods. They make my body feel vibrant, healthy, and, well, like that of a goddamn super hero. So I challenged myself to drink one every day for an entire week. 

7 days of green smoothies

You guys.

I discovered something a few days ago that made me want to bang my head against the wall.


The probiotic that I had been taking to help heal my gut and get my gut flora back in balance contained MILK. As in the stuff that I’ve known I can’t eat since I was a wee lass and have been strictly avoiding for the past two months.

You can imagine what that was doing to my body.




Puffiness under my eyes.

And the coup de grace? A goddamn cold sore.


So, instead of looking for a new probiotic to play Russian Roulette with my stomach, I decided to do something I knew would actually make me feel good: drink a whole lotta green smoothies. And because I’m never one to do something willy-nilly, I decided to do it for an entire week.

That’s right. 7 days of green smoothie action.

I’m pretty sure that my body wanted to give me a high five after the week was over because of how good it was feeling. I plan to continue sipping on some (green) smoothies for another 7 days, and another 7 days after that.

Because that’s what you do when you find something that makes you feel like a goddamn super hero again.

Here are the 7 green smoothies that will have you feeling like a goddamn super hero, too.

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