The time has come…

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…to get back to doing the things I love most.

SO. I’m starting to dip my toes in the water of being a working mom with the food sensitivity testing.

I am officially back on the schedule at Wellspring Whole Health and will have up to 4 appointments each week. Two slots available on Wednesday evenings (a 5pm and a 6:30pm) and two on Saturday mornings (9am and 10:30am).

There are three ways to get scheduled:

  1. You can book online by clicking here.
  2. You can also schedule by phone: (412) 321-3231
  3. And, if you’re not 100% sure what any of this is, or have a few questions to ask before getting scheduled, you can always set up a free consult.

The food sensitivity testing can be done in person (you come to the office), or remotely (if you can’t).


PS—Here is a great recap of what the testing is like from Caroline of Sincerely, Caroline.

PPS—Here is an interview that I did with fellow health coach and friend, Lindsey Smith, about the food sensitivity testing.

Friday Five…


Friday Five1. I am currently in love with our Infantino Sash Mai Tei carrier*. The very first time I put it on—just to see how it felt—the baby fell asleep for a solid hour. Same with the second attempt at wearing it. Any carrier that can do that for the babe is a carrier I will love for life.

We have tried other carriers like a Moby Wrap* (I swear you need a degree in rocket science to figure out how to use this thing) Infantino Flip Front to Back* (will work in a pinch, but she still wiggles and squirms) and a Baby Björn*(the absolute hardest to get on because of the lock system). None had the same effect as the Mai Tei. And none were as easy to get on.

2. The baby went through another “rough patch” where she refused to be anywhere other than in my arms, at my breast, or snuggled up sleeping on me. And if any of those three things didn’t happen…she screamed. I also think she was trying to major in spitting up on mommy. For which she would have received honors.

Did I mention that this period also came with a total switch-up of her sleeping patterns? Yeah… Instead of the glorious 5-6 hour stretch followed by another 4 hour stretch, she decided that it would take 1+ hours to go down, and then wanted to be up every 2-3 hours. And that was a good night. I swear, I totally understand why sleep deprivation is a form of torture. This mama was just plain exhausted.

3. When the aforementioned stuff was going on, several mamas recommended a book called the Wonder Weeks*. It talks about cognitive leaps that happen to babies at very predictable intervals. The first being at 5 weeks (a time when she was incredibly fussy, colicky, and irritable). The next is at 8 weeks (where we are now). Felt good to know why she was behaving the way she was.

I am happy to report that the sleeping is getting back on track. HOO. RAY.

4. I was working on a newsletter for Propelle and came across a really cool video about stepping out of your comfort zone by trying something new for 30 days. It’s inspired me to make a goal for myself—something that I know will be good for me, the baby, and the pupperoni: going for a daily walk.

This may sound like an easy task. In which case I’ll remind you that I live in Pittsburgh. I swear we could rival Seattle for the number of rainy days. Today, for example, we beat the rain by a mere 5 minutes.

5. Smiling babies are the best.

smiling baby

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Everyday Heroes: Logan Walker

Everyday Heroes

When I opened up the Everyday Heroes feature for nominations, I knew that I was going to get to learn about some crazy inspiring women. And I have truly met some inspiring women.

And then, I received an email from Chrystal Mueller.

I just ran across your blog while searching for nightshade-free recipes for my sister-in-law.  As always happens when I find an interesting blog, I got pulled into past posts and ran across the Everyday Hero section. When I read that I could nominate my own, so many incredible women ran through my mind, but there is one who stands out the most. My ten-almost-eleven-year-old daughter Logan is most definitely my Everyday Hero.

Logan has always stood out from the crowd, with her crazy curls and giant smile, but it’s her joie de vivre that attracts people the most.  She is very intuitive and immediately knows what a person needs, whether it’s a kind word, a hug, a smile, a helping hand, or a snappy little joke.

In the fall of 2012, Logan was diagnosed as dyslexic.  The term weighed on me as I spent countless hours reading and researching on ways to help her overcome this “disability”.  For Logan, however, the diagnosis was freeing. She had been secretly feeling “stupid”, “inadequate”, and was afraid there was something terribly wrong with her because she couldn’t read as well as the other kids. She was being labeled “lazy” and “a dreamer”. The diagnosis of dyslexia gave a name to her unseen enemy and she could find the tools to fight it. In the year and a half since, Logan has not only overcome her learning difficulties and built her self-confidence, but she has learned to embrace her differences and help others embrace theirs.

Logan has started a club, the P31 Girls, based on Proverbs 31 to help girls her age learn their self worth in Christ. Although I lead the meetings and ran our first retreat, Logan is very active in selecting topics, organizing activities, and leading discussions. The club is still in its infancy, but Logan has big dreams for its future!

This wonderful, zany, witty, amazing little girl will continue to be an inspiration to me and to those around her.

I don’t think I made it through the second paragraph without the tears welling up in my eyes. No matter that I was 9 months pregnant with my own daughter. THIS is one special little lady.

So, without further ado, meet Logan Walker. THE coolest ten-almost-eleven-year-old you’re going to come across today.

And in case you’re wonder, Logan answered all of the questions herself.


Logan Walker

Name: Logan Walker
Where you call home: Wisconsin

Where are you from, where are you located now, and what led you there?
I’ve spent most of my life in the suburbs of Milwaukee, WI, but recently I moved to a small town about 30 miles outside of Milwaukee with my mom, my brother, and my new stepdad.

If we really knew you, what would we know?
That I love animals, candy, singing, longing showers, singing in my long showers, and Snapple.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I find inspiration in everyday life.  Helping people in need inspires me and we all need each other at one time or another. I’ve had the opportunity with my family to help out with tornado relief in both Joplin, MO and Moore, OK.  It opened my eyes to how the smallest thing, such as a smile or kind word, can brighten someone’s day.

What “rules” do you live by?

  • Anything is possible.
  • Weird is the new ordinary.

What three things, people, or roles have contributed most to your success?

  1. My 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Sapiro, encouraged me to do my best, no matter how hard things were.
  2. My tutor, Mrs. Felix, taught me not only how to read, but to love to read.
  3. My grandmother, Carmen, has paid for my tutoring, spent countless hours reading with me over the phone and helping me study for tests, and  is always encouraging me to try new things.

What was the worst piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
“There’s always someone who has it worse than you.”  That never makes me feel better.  It makes me feel selfish.

What women inspire you?
Ella Fitzgerald because even though she was young, black and homeless, she didn’t let that or what people said to her stop her from achieving her dreams.

What books are sitting on your nightstand or are currently on your must-read list?
Insurgent, The Missing: Sent, and How to Rock Braces and Glasses. (Although, technically, I won’t “read” Insurgent or The Missing: Sent. I like audiobooks!)

If there’s one thing you could change about the world, what would it be?
I would end bullying. Too many people do not reach their full potential because of bullying. Bullying is what inspired me to start P31 Girls. I wanted a safe place for girls to learn to be women of faith, without fear of being made fun of or picked on.

Famous last words:
“To get to the light, you have to go through the darkness.” Joan Buaer, Almost Home.

Almost Home was the first book I read entirely by myself. This quote from the book reminds me that no matter what you’re going through, it will get better eventually.

Logan Walker

Motivation Monday: Ridiciulously amazing.

Make today ridiciulously amazing.

I have to admit, I’m kind of in love with this mantra:

Make today ridiculously amazing.

Like, totally in love with it.

Because, seriously, why shouldn’t every day BE ridiculously amazing?

And not in a superficial way. But in the deepest, most incredibly satisfying way.

How much better would your day (week, month, year…) be if you were able to find joy, amazement, and sheer wonder in everything you do?

I know I’m going to take a lesson from my 5-week old; the world is an amazing place. Here for us to discover, enjoy, and take in.

I hope you find a ridiculous amount of amazing in your day.


Friday Five…

Friday Five

I’ve had a lot of time to think lately.

No, seriously. I have.

Since my time is now being taken up by breastfeeding and watching a sleeping baby, I’ve had a lot of time to sit and swirl random thoughts around in my brain. I’ve also had a ridiculous amount of time to play on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Making it near impossible not to come across some thought-provoking stuff.

This is what I’ve been pondering:

1. I am SO OVER the following phrases when it comes to food:

  • detox
  • loose the belly fat / fat burning
  • skinny everything
  • Dr. Oz…
  • clean eating

At what point do we just call food FOOD?! And at what point to we simply honor our bodies and feed it well without worrying about detoxing, burning belly fat or being obsessed with skinny? Because, seriously. It’s all just a bunch of BS anyway.

2. I have the utmost respect for mothers of all stripes.

Being a parent is HARD. It’s amazing, but it’s also hard—physically and emotionally. However you are choosing to raise your child is simply amazing. If anyone tells you otherwise, you can send them my way.

Also, if you are able to juggle taking care of a baby with showering, eating breakfast, getting dressed, and putting makeup on…YOU ARE MY HERO.

3. This article made me cry. A lot. It also made me feel a hell of a lot better about how things have been going for us.

4. Note to self: you are NOT a failure when you reach out for support.

The past week has been spent dealing with a gassy, fussy, crying baby all day long, and it’s freakin’ exhausting. While I know that this isn’t what life is going to be like forever, it’s really nice to have other mama’s empathize, offer support, and give advice on how to cope.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much it lifted my spirits the other day. I was definitely feeling like a total failure when it came to taking care of my baby. After posting to a local mama’s group, I felt validated, supported, and armed with new tools on how to help Anna.

5. I am so incredibly proud of the women in my life. I know some seriously amazing women doing some seriously amazing things. And it makes my heart swell to epic proportions.

I was going to try and link to all of the amazingness, but it would seriously take HOURS. So, here is one of the links featuring the talented Debbie Hardin, acupuncturist extraordinaire, that caused me to pause and soak it all in.


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