6 Delicious Mini Muffins You Should Make Right Now.

6 Delicious Mini Muffins You Should Make Right Now

6 Delicious Mini Muffins You Should Make Right Now

If you’ve been following me on Instagram,  you know that I’ve become obsessed with mini muffins.

They are super easy to make. Take maybe 12 minutes a batch to cook. And are the perfect snack for little toddler hands to grab and devour.

They also happen to be perfect little bite-size snacks for the grown-ups. (If you can call us that.)

1: Baked French Toast Muffins from Averie Cooks

We love french toast in our house. The Hubster is the resident french toast maker; whipping up delightful batch after delightful batch, while I tend to burn it or undercook it. But THESE baked french toast muffins take all the guess work out and make for a quick and easy breakfast when the hunger gremlins come a knockin’. Because they come a knockin’ early up in here.

2: The Best Pumpkin Muffins {Ever} from Made From Pinterest 

I’m usually not a fan of a recipe that calls itself “the best” of anything. Usually because they just get your hopes up and then crush you with mediocrity. But these muffins were pretty darn tasty. The best ever? I’m not sure. But they did get raving reviews from the entire family over Thanksgiving. I’ll call that a win.

3: Mini Muffin Pancake Bites from Cooking Classy

How freakin’ cute are these?! Also. Pancakes that are muffins? Genius. Perhaps I’ll serve them with some baked french toast muffins and have the best breakfast or brinner EVER. Oh, and I’ll probably swap out the actual pancake recipe with a dairy-free one like this or this (with Earth Balance or coconut oil instead of butter).

4: Whole Grain Honey Peach Mini Muffins from The Seasoned Mom

The fact that these were billed as “Toddler Muffins” and still look delicious is what sold me on wanting to make them. Also, I seriously love the combination of peaches and honey (ahem). So this was a no-brainer for the “Mini Muffin Must Make” list. Which, by the way, is getting longer by the minute.

5: Apple Cinnamon Sweet Potato Mini Muffins from The Comfort of Cooking

Even though I know any muffin recipe can be transformed into mini’s, sometimes it’s fun to search for recipes that are specific to the genre. Because CLEARLY THERE’S A GENRE. These are officially on the menu this week and I’m super excited about a muffin that contains apples and sweet potatoes. It’s like fall in a perfect little muffin wrapper.

6: Skinny Oatmeal Brown Sugar Muffins from Averie Cooks

Another word I hate when it comes to cooking and recipes: SKINNY. I literally can’t even.

I hate that word so much when it comes to recipes that I almost skipped over this one. Thankfully curiosity got the best of me, and I checked it out. I realized that I had everything needed to make these little love muffins and whipped up a batch. Turns out, these are amazingly delicious. The kind of muffins that you want to eat all day long. They are also the very muffins that got me started on this mini muffin kick I’m on.

What about you?

What are your favorite muffins (mini or otherwise)?

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