About Me

Emily Levenson, Therapist, Holistic Health Coach, Podcaster, Propelle Co-Pilot

Throughout the course of my life and career, one thing has remained constant: change. As a result, I’ve become adept at creating change in my own life and inspiring others to do the same in theirs.

Hi! My name is Emily Levenson and I’m adept at creating and inspiring change, both in my life and in the lives of others.

From moving around a lot as a kid to living abroad, switching careers a few times over, changing my diet and, consequently, my health to becoming a mother and the changes that brought to my life and body… change has been the one constant in my life. 

At first, change felt scary and frustrating.

Somewhere along the way, though, I learned to embrace and seek out change. It brought a richness to my life that would have been missing otherwise. Moving around a lot as a kid taught me how to make new friends quickly. A decision (by my husband) to go vegetarian combined with a diagnosis of food intolerances (all mine) helped me become skilled at putting delicious food on the table while still avoiding everything that was making me sick. The transition from one career to the next taught me the value of loving the work you do while also feeling inspired by and connected to the task at hand. Struggling to get (and stay pregnant) filled me with a deep sense of joy when we were finally able to hold our sweet girl in our arms.

The more I changed, the more I learned. The more I learned, the more I felt compelled to share about my journey.  The more I shared about my journey, the more I was told that other people felt inspired to do the same for themselves.

So, uh… How does it all come together?

From the outside, it may seem like the things I’ve done in my life and career have no real connection to each other. Dig a little deeper and you’ll see that there is a very powerful thread that ties them together: creating and inspiring change.

When viewed through that lens, all of the pieces fit together perfectly.

The mental health counseling, the public speaking and trainings, the holistic health coaching, the food blogging, the Project: Miracles group and the many iterations of Project: Food Budget, the food sensitivity testing, the podcast, the work we do through Propelle, the mini paintings, the resource collecting, the passion for connecting people — it all comes from the same place.

A passion for helping bring about positive change in people’s lives (mine included).

I’ve spent over a decade working to improve my own life, create lasting change, and be the best version of myself possible.

And I’ve spent even longer studying how change is made, with a Bachelors in Psychology, a Masters in Social Work, a certification in Holistic Health Coaching, and countless hours of reading self-help books and blog posts on self-improvement logged.

It has been one hell of a ride, filled with some pretty intense ups and downs. And you know what? I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Because it has taught me more about myself than I ever imagined possible. It also brought me my daughter; my sweet, sassy, colorful, independent, laser-beam-of-joy daughter.

I want the same for you.

I want to see you reach your potential and inspire you to create the changes in your life that will get you there. I want you to feel fulfilled, excited, impassioned, and inspired.

How can I help you get from here to there?


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