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"Every choice creates a new reality." MIra Kelley

"Every choice creates a new reality." MIra Kelley

How perfect is this quote by Mira Kelley (from her amazing book, Beyond Past Lives…)?! It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I decided on January’s theme to create more, but now it’s all I can think about.

I swear my brain explodes each time I sit down to read.

The ideas and concepts she talks about are so obvious, and yet so complex. It’s a mix of self-help, spirituality, and quantum physics.

And it just showed up on my Kindle one day.

I mean, I must have reserved it online some time ago, right? But I have no idea when or why. The topic of past lives is not exactly a topic I’ve sought out on a regular basis.

And yet, I can’t imagine reading any other book right now. Nor do I want to be reading any other book.

This book has created new possibilities in my mind, new (and more positive) energy in my life, and new ways to talk with people. I have been tweeting, emailing, and sharing little nuggets with pretty much everyone in my life. And I am excited to put her concepts into practice.

What books make you feel this way?

Have you ever had a book inspire you to the point of radically changing your perspective on the world?

Share it below. Or, better yet. Tweet it so that everyone can take a gander.

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