The easy way to get rid of sugar cravings (for good).

I wouldn't have believed if it didn't happen to me, but my sugar cravings have disappeared three days into the Plant Paradox Program. |

One thing I’ve been absolutely astounded by is how easily my (totally insane) sugar cravings went away. And I’m not talking my cravings have subsided and they are now manageable, I’m talking I don’t even have them.

Coming from someone who used to crave chocolate and sweets like gummy candy all the time, that’s pretty darn amazing.

So, what exactly caused them to go away?

I think the success was three-fold.

  1. I stopped eating the chocolate and candy. (Duh. But also, seriously.)
  2. I removed all other sweets and sugars from my diet, including natural sweeteners like maple syrup and honey, fruit, and sweet vegetables (i.e.—sweet potatoes, plantains, carrots) as well as all gluten-containing foods like bread and pasta.
  3. I added in a TON of lemon juice and leafy greens.

That’s it.

No fancy supplements. No special affirmations, treatments, or processes. A simple dietary change and a whole lot more of the good stuff.

Once we moved out of the detox phase (AKA Phase 1) and into Phase 2, we were allowed to add fruit (berries, mostly) and some dark chocolate back into the mix. Once that happened, I actually noticed my hankering for something sweet creeping back in.



Apparently any sweetness — even in moderation — can bring back my sugar cravings like crazy.

I’ve actually been contemplating going back to that original phase of eating, as I’ve been craving sweets again. But for now, I’m going to be watching my intake of fruits and approved sweeteners like Stevia and Swerve and will be loading back up with lemon juice and greens.

Are you craving sugar like crazy? What have you done to manage the cravings? And what, if anything, happened as a result?

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