Getting Ready for Race Day, The Food Edition

pasta on a fork

Runner of Steel from Boring Pittsburgh(Image source: BoringPittsburgh)

Let me preface this post by saying: I am not a runner.

I used to tell people that I only run when chased. The truth is, I just never got into it. My brother was the runner in the family. I played soccer. And yes, I know that you run while playing. But the thought of running for running’s sake…it’s just not for me.

And while running isn’t my thing, I do have the utmost respect for runners. The dedication most runners have to the sport—to push the body, mind and spirit—is incredibly inspiring to me. Which is why I will be cheering from the sidelines for this weekend’s Pittsburgh Marathon.

Now that you know what I don’t do…let’s talk about what I do do.


I thought it would be fun to pull some recipes worthy of the pre- and post-race day meals.

pasta on a fork

24 hours before the race meals:



green thumb smoothie

Morning of the race meals (aka SMOOTHIES!):

Post race meals:

  • Find your favorite restaurant that is within walking distance, grab a beer (or chocolate milk), and eat what you want. If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, I would suggest a hearty dose of Pamela’s.
  • Take-out.

Additional Resources:

Also, check out these great articles from No-Meat Athlete, one of my favorite food blogs:

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