One small thing I did to bring more joy into my life.

Can I let you in a little secret? I’ve been feeling like a bit of a hypocrite, talking about how amazing a regular gratitude practice is when it comes to building happiness and joy in our lives because I haven’t been cultivating a regular practice for myself in years.

Actually, the last time I did anything related to gratitude was when I was launching Project: Miracles.

And that was over 3 years ago.

So I kicked myself in the ass and cracked open a fresh journal to begin cultivating gratitude in my life again. I’ve already noticed a shift in how I’m experiencing things and am far more open to finding joy.

Which is kind of hilarious, since it’s been a whopping 4 days.

But I’m here. I’ve recommitted myself to the process. And I am reminded (yet again) how powerful it really is.

So if you’ve been on the fence about whether you want to do it or not, I would say DO IT. Even if you don’t think you can stick with it for the entire 30 days. Even if you are afraid that life will get in the way. Even if you skip a prompt along the way.

Sign up.

Show up.

Level up.

Because there is joy waiting around every corner. You just have to be ready (and willing) to see it.

How does this all work?

  1. You sign up. And then you get all of your friends and family to sign up too so that you can create a ripple effect of gratitude and joy.
  2. You set an intention for how you want the 30 days to unfold. Perhaps you want to gain clarity, deepen relationships, or simply feel more joy. There is no right or wrong here! It’s completely up to you.
  3. An email will arrive in your inbox at 5 AM ET with the day’s prompt. This year, I’ve opted to keep it simple and choose a word each day to inspire your journaling. You are welcome to use it, or completely ignore it and do it your way.
  4. You write down what you are grateful for.
  5. Rinse and repeat until May 9th when the final prompt is sent your way.


(Gratitude) Challenge Accepted!
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Emily Levenson is a meditation encourager, mama, and Pittsburgh enthusiast. She recently launched a podcast called Nourish + Flourish and is a co-pilot at Propelle.

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