Each path is strewn with opportunities.

"Each path is strewn with opportunities—despite the outcome." Susan Jeffers

"Each path is strewn with opportunities—despite the outcome." Susan Jeffers

If you haven’t picked yourself up a copy of Feel the Fear…and Do It Anyway! by now, you are seriously missing out.


One of my favorite concepts in the book is the idea that there are no right or wrong decisions—just different paths with goodies to discover and experience along the way.

This concept was a total light bulb moment for me.

It may come as no surprise that I’m a bit of a perfectionist. As a result, I put an incredible amount of pressure on myself to make the right decisions, take the right steps to become successful, and do the right things all. the. time.

But this? This means that every decision is the right one. Not so much because of the path or the choice being made, but because of the opportunities to learn and grow along the way.

What choices would you make if you weren’t afraid of making the wrong one?

This mindset shift started to show up in different ways in my life:

I stopped being so afraid and just began to take action.
I stopped beating myself up for not being perfect.
I stopped worrying about whether I was making the right choices all the time.

I started to let myself off the hook and look for lessons in each opportunity.
I started to worry less about making mistakes.
I started to take more risks and put myself out there.

How will it show up in yours?

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