The Virtual Book Club is now the Healthy Living Book Club!

healthy living book club

New name. New Books. Same great book club.

It’s been a few months since we’ve done anything with the virtual book club.

And for good reason. We’ve been busy behind the scenes revamping it. Refocusing our purpose and recharging the reading list.

And now we’re back. To let you know. That we can really shake ’em down

What’s new:

The focus of the book club has always been on different aspects of healthy living: diet + nutrition, personal growth, exercise, spirituality, and vocation.

Some of the books were great. Some became repetitive. Some were incredibly dry and boring. And some…just shouldn’t have been on the list.

This year we are taking extra care with the books we have chosen. We read through reviews, checked out descriptions, chose some of our favorite reads, and took care to space out books that could potentially overlap.

The result: a stellar reading list for the next year.

The discussions:

The book discussions will continue to be held on Twitter at 9PM ET on the last Monday of each month.

To show our continued gratitude for those that participate in the chats, we are going to be giving away a book a month! But you can’t win without participating, so make sure you join in on the fun.

We will be tracking the conversations differently this time around. Instead of the long and clumsy #virtualbookclub tag, we will be using the new and improved #hlbc hashtag for our chats. It’s shorter, sweeter, and all our own.

Finally, we have always sent an announcement each month with the book we will be reading, and a reminder email on the day of the chat. Now, we are also be sending you a mid-month reminder, so you still have time to get the book and join us.

Can’t make it to the chats?

That’s okay. We’d love to hear your thoughts anyway.

Here are some ways to join in on the conversation:

  1. Post to your blog. Paige and I will each be posting about the books to our own blogs. And we’d love to add a link to your review.
  2. Post on Twitter. Even if you can’t make it to the live chat, you can always tweet your answers to the discussion questions when you have the time. Just make sure to use the #hlbc hashtag!
  3. Write a re-cap on Facebook. Share your thoughts or your favorite quotes from the book on your Facebook page and get your friends involved.
  4. Organize your peeps and have your own book club discussion! While you’re at it, why not try a recipe or two from each book. Make sure to let me know when you’re meeting so I can give you a shout-out.
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More about Emily Levenson

Emily Levenson is a meditation encourager, mama, and Pittsburgh enthusiast. She recently launched a podcast called Nourish + Flourish and is a co-pilot at Propelle.


  1. Reply Nice, Emily and crew! I may not be able to join every month, but I am looking forward to joining the new book club - regardless of the material, the monthly chats were always a highlight!
  2. Reply Sounds fun! I'd like to join the club but will be unlikely to join in the discussions most months - 9pm ET is 2am here in London, and I'm not much of a night owl! I'll tweet/review/etc though.
    1. Reply Bummer about the time difference. Make sure to leave me the links for your reviews, so I can give you a shout out!

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