And now, it’s time for a transition.

"She understood that the hardest times in life to go through were when you were transition from one version of yourself to another." Sarah Addison Allen


Thank you for the most amazing emails and feedback on the podcast. It has been an amazing week and I’m really proud of everything that we’ve been doing. We even got our first 5-star review (!!).

When I posted last week, I hinted at some big changes coming to the blog and the newsletter. Changes that I’m incredibly excited about. And while this change may not come as a surprise to some, it’s something that I’ve been fighting for over a year.

Fighting, because I was afraid to give up everything I had spent years building.

But the disconnect has continued to build and the resentment continued to grow.

So I quietly stopped creating content and went radio silent on my social media channels. It felt easier to just let go without any fanfare or a big to-do. And for a while, that was the right thing to do, because it allowed me to get clear about what I wanted.

But the site (and newsletter) were still lingering in the back of my mind, taking up precious space and energy. I knew that I would have to revisit it at some point and either make the decision to shut it down altogether or pivot and do something new.

And then, last week, a gorgeous gift from my friend Jenny showed up at my door. It was the Sacred Creators Oracle deck. Eager to dive right in, I cracked open the box and did my first reading. One of the cards that came up was around my honest truth. A card that, for me, was all about letting go of a story or truth about myself that I’ve outgrown.

That’s when the tears started and the weight of it all set in.

I have outgrown this version of myself and this story of being broken or incomplete in some way.

It’s time to let it go and really embrace the new direction of my life.

It’s time to listen to that gentle whisper from my heart that’s saying this space doesn’t feel like home anymore.

It’s time to evolve and pivot.

So it is with a great deal of love and gratitude that I release this version of myself. She was a brave and dedicated warrior, committed to finding health and happiness. And I honestly believe she found what she was looking for.

I am ready to embrace this new, more evolved version of myself.

Nourish + Flourish is a part of that evolution.

The rest is still unfolding.

But for now, I’m truly excited to be in a space where anything and everything is possible.

For those that initially came around for the recipes, I hope that you will stick with me for this next adventure. And don’t worry, the recipe archives will continue to be where they are if you want or need them. Hell, I still want and need them! Just know that nothing new will be added there.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all of your support.

I look forward to this next chapter in my life and evolution.


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Emily Levenson is a meditation encourager, mama, and Pittsburgh enthusiast. She recently launched a podcast called Nourish + Flourish and is a co-pilot at Propelle.

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