Things I’m Enjoying: The Oat Edition

5 Awesome Oat Recipes

It’s no secret that I’ve been obsessed with oats for a while. It started harmlessly with refrigerator oats and then morphed into baked oatmeal. Now, we’re sort of at an oat free-for-all with stovetop oats getting in on the fun.

I’m totally blaming The Oatmeal Artist for this. It’s all HER fault.

(Thank you.)

Here are a few oat recipes that have been tickling my fancy and piquing my interest lately.

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Oatmeal via The Kitchn
    This is the mother of all oatmeal posts. I was blown away by the amount of information in here, including cooking times, texture issues, and the differences between rolled, quick cooking, and steel cut oats. A great primer for anyone looking to dip their toes in the oatmeal water.
  2. Making Oatmeal in a Rice Cooker via The Kitchn
    I clearly went down the oatmeal rabbit hole when reading the ultimate guide above. I stopped at this article because anything that allows me to walk away and do something else while it’s cooking is a winner in my book. And I’m a huge fan of rice cookers in general, so this just seemed like a total win.
  3. Pear and Almond Baked Oatmeal via The Oatmeal Artist
    No oatmeal list would be complete without at least ONE recipe from The Oatmeal Artist. I probably could have chosen a few hundred (she seriously has that many recipes), but this one seemed very cold-weather appropriate.
  4. Overnight Chai Steel Cut Oats via This Homemade Life
    Even though I initially thought this recipe was for CHIA oats and not chai oats… And even though the commenters say that the ratio of oats to water is off… it sounds divine. I may swap out the steel cut outs for rolled oats like I’m used to or even just use the spice blend for a cooked oatmeal. Whatever the case, I’m going to try it.
  5. Quinoa Oatmeal via Thug Kitchen
    I’m kind of in love with the idea of quinoa mixed in with the oatmeal. I’m also a sucker for fresh strawberries in just about anything. So, yeah. I’m totally making this next. Though may have to opt for a different fruit topping as strawberries aren’t exactly in season at the mo.

What are some of your favorite oatmeal recipes? I’d love to know what your favorite flavor combinations are, and if you prefer refrigerator, baked, or cooked oats.

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