Project: Food Budget {Week 25}

Goal: $85
Actual: $166.96

The Menu:

Father’s Day certainly seemed to put a cramp in my budgeting style. We had family over for dinner and made some special treats. Which, in turn, added some special items to our grocery bill. Things like oranges, more eggs than usual, lots of corn, and a double batch of squash. Those extras added an extra $28.49 to the bill.

Additionally, The Hubster decided that he wanted some fish in the house for him to make. He doesn’t seem to be getting enough protein on beans and legumes, and has recently had to cut out soy from his diet {so no tempeh, tofu, or soy milk}. Fish added another $29.98 to the tab that we don’t normally have.

With all of those mental deductions, we still were over budget by a whopping $23.49. Not sure what happened there. All of those fruits and veggies are super hard to pass up, I suppose. Might need to think about a seasonal budget.

Do you find that your budget changes with the seasons? Do you spend more during certain months than others? How do you navigate through those hurdles?

Project: Food Budget

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