Quick and Easy Black Bean Burgers

I have to say that I’m shocked at my lack of posting on the topic of black bean burgers. Shocked. They are quick and easy. Incredibly tasty. And, frankly, look a helluva lot like the real thing.

The Hubster still claims that the lentil burger is his favorite. I think this one takes the cake. They are comparable taste wise. And take half the time to prepare. You do the math.

Add a sweet potato and some greens (salad, green beans, peas, brussels sprouts) for a totally health, and guilt-free, burger night.

Yields 6-8

Black Bean Burgers

5 minPrep Time

10 minCook Time

15 minTotal Time

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  • 2 (15 ounce) cans black beans, rinsed and drained
  • 1/2 medium yellow onion, chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 tablespoons parsley
  • 1/2 cup oat flour
  • 1/2 cup ground flax meal
  • 1/4 cup chickpea flour
  • salt and black pepper


  1. In a large bowl, mash black beans. leave some beans whole.
  2. Add remaining ingredients and mix until combined.
  3. Form into patties (approximately 1/4 - 1/2 cup per patty). Set aside what you want to eat, and place the rest on a baking sheet and freeze.
  4. Cook in pan over medium-high heat, approximately 4-5 minutes per side or until browned.
  5. Serve on bun of choice with your favorite toppings. I like caramelized onions, hummus, and lettuce. The Hubster prefers lettuce, mustard, and other normal burger toppings.
  6. Notes:
  7. The chickpea flour is a binding agent and really helps to hold the burgers together. You can make it without it, you just might have some delicious tasting burgers that don't hold together very well.
  8. If you omit the chickpea flour, I highly recommend chilling the burgers for at least 30 minutes. It will help them stick together.

Allergen Information

Nightshade free, dairy free, gluten free (depending on oats used), wheat free, egg free, soy free, corn free.


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  1. Reply I have wanted to try bean burgers for well over 6 months now - my husband would never touch them, but I think I need to give it a go! Quick and delicious? I'm sold!
    1. Reply that just means more for you! and they freeze really well, so you can save them for a night where you don't know what to make or have spent too much time baking and don't feel like cooking. :)
  2. Reply Chickpea flour = brilliant! The hardest thing about black burgers is getting them to hold together, and I pretty much always end up adding an egg. Thanks for this!
  3. Reply Can't find chickpea flour can i use another flour? or just grind up some chickpeas? I have some black beans in the fridge already cooked just begging to be made into these! thanks
    1. Reply you can try to make your own chickpea flour (instructions here). you could also just omit it, but it won't hold together as well. just make sure to refrigerate for 30 minutes prior to cooking. that helps them stay together.
  4. Reply Hello and can I just say I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE and the layout. You've made everything so nice and easy to find under categories (I really appreciate it). You can laugh, but I'm in my 30's and am Just learning to teach myself how to cook (I know it's ridiculous) and I've also cut out soy, corn & peanuts (and especially anything that might have to do with GMO's) from my diet. Anyway, I cannot WAIT to go to the store, gather my items and cook these tonight. I'm going to serve them with quinoa and asparagus! Thank you SO much :) (I will Definitely be back to your site)!!! ~Jill
    1. Reply Jillβ€”Hooray! So glad you've been having fun perusing the site. These are a favorite of ours. And believe me when I say, you are NOT the first person to be learning to cook at this stage of your life. I applaud you for taking it on and learning! Most people would just stick with what they know or rely on someone else. Hope they turned out well for you!
  5. Reply Can i leave out the flax meal ? I have everything else on hand already ! PS: love your nightshade free recipes .. they make a really hard food intolerance easier to deal with !
    1. Reply Yes, of course! You could always just add in more oat flour or chick pea flour in it's place.

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