Can cleaning up my diet really do THAT?

Can cleaning up my diet really do THAT?

Even though I’m less than a week into this dietary change (I totally cheated and started early), I’ve noticed something exciting: my period has been a whole lot more manageable.

Instead of the usual large irritated red bumps (likely cystic acne) on my forehead and hair line, I’ve had two very minor red spots or blemishes that have disappeared in a day after a long hot shower. Also, my sugar cravings have reduced tenfold and are now officially satisfied with one fig and a small Saturn peach here and there.

While I was extremely tired one evening and went to bed much earlier than usual, I have had zero PMS symptoms. No back pain, cramps, chocolate binges, crazy mood swings, or major bloating. No weight gain, either. In fact, I’ve actually gone down a pound or two. And that NEVER happens when I’m on my period.

I did have some cramping yesterday after my period started, but on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d call it a 6. No need for medication or any other kind of intervention. Laying in bed and reading seemed to be all the therapy I needed. I also had a few weird dreams last night and have been a bit more irritable today, but compared to what it’s been in the past, this period and the associated symptoms feels like a cake walk.

I knew rationally that eating better can have a positive effect on my period. But to experience it, and so quickly to boot, has been surprising, to say the least. A happy surprise, but a surprise nonetheless.

I’ll be curious to see if this continues to be the case with continued adherence to the PP Plan. And I’m actually looking forward to getting my period again. Which, seriously? Who says that?!

There is something seriously wrong with me. 😂

Have you ever noticed that the way you eat has an impact — positive or negative — on your period?