Knowing WHY can make all the difference in the world.

Knowing WHY can make all the difference in the world.

When making big changes, knowing WHY can make all the difference in the world. (Tweet this.)

Over the years I’ve eliminated just about every single food possible in the quest of feeling better. Some days were easier than others, but the ultimate quest for better health and happiness has been a solid anchor to keep me in check.

Of course, my brain gets the best of me and convinces me that it’s okay to have an occasional french fry or helping of pasta with tomato sauce. Even though I know with absolute certainty that it will lead to feeling like shit for a few days after.

It’s worth it for a bite of pasta, I say.

Or, I would happily suffer if it meant I could eat french fries again.

But the truth is, it isn’t and I wouldn’t. I’m miserable when I veer off course. My body knows it. My head even knows it, it just likes to play tricks on me to see how committed I am to my goals.

This time around, I am embarking on a major change in my diet (and life) with the ultimate goal of finding health and happiness. Why? Because the alternative is, quite simply put, miserable.

So anytime my head tries to get me to veer off course, my gut will step in and say: Will this add to your life or take away from it?

While things may feel good in the moment (a heaping plate of french fries or spaghetti with tomato sauce), if it makes me uncomfortable or unhappy in the end, it just isn’t worth it. Anchoring myself in that deep sense of purpose will ultimately lead to my success and happiness.

Discovering YOUR why.

When taking the leap and creating change in your own life, it’s easy to focus on the simple or surface level reasons for creating change. But the deeper you can go, the more likely you’ll be to stick with it.

Here’s how to go deep:

Ask yourself the following question: Why do I want to make this change?

And then ask it again: No, really. WHY?

Keep asking why until you have literally exhausted every single thing you can think of.

You can write it out or you can talk it out with a friend. Both are effective tools for getting to the heart of the matter. And once there, you can use that knowledge to stay motivated when things get tough and feel impossible.

Anything is possible, so long as your willing to put off momentary pleasure for long term results.


When you crave change, you create change.

When you crave change, you create change.

When you crave change, you create change. (Tweet this.)

For the past 12 years, I have been going down the path of dietary changes to improve my health. It started with a reluctant journey down the path of vegetarianism that led to a desperate attempt to get rid of chronic migraines, cold sores, and a myriad of other health issues that seemed to intensify with every meal I ate. Getting pregnant also proved to be way more difficult than expected.

After a diagnosis of food intolerances and a drastic change in eating, I was finally able to live my life without pain, digestive upset, or anxiety.

Four years of hard core avoidance later, I was able to go back to eating all of the foods that I had been avoiding (nightshades, dairy, cinnamon, MSG). And for a while, I was happy as could be. I was also pregnant and my body seemed to tolerate a lot of things that I hadn’t been able to in the past.

Fast forward to today, and the pain (mostly in my joints now) has crept back in along with weight gain, indigestion, bloating, and irritability.

Instead of feeling hopeless and resigning myself to the pain and discomfort, I’ve decided to do something about it. I am committing to making changes in my eating, and therefore my health, once again.

For now, that involves following The Plant Paradox* Protocol courtesy of Dr. Steven Gundry. The protocol (and book of the same name) focuses on removing lectin-containing foods and getting the gut back in balance. I will be starting Phase I (AKA The 3-day Cleanse) on Friday (July 21st) and will then move right into Phase II for the next 6 weeks (or more). I plan to stick with the Vegetarian or Vegan modifications since I’m not a fan of seafood, with the occasional pastured poultry and grass-fed and finished beef being thrown in for good measure.

My goals for the week, so that I can be ready to rock and roll on July 21st:

  • Finish reading through the recipe section of The Plant Paradox
  • Familiarize myself with the recipes and ingredients needed for Phase 1
  • Put together our shopping list
  • Get everything we need from the store

I’ll also be paying attention to the cost of getting started and intend to share that along with the recipes and menu plan for our week.


Have you read The Plant Paradox? Are you following the dietary protocol outlined in the book? Have you noticed any changes in your health as a result?

Any tips for a total newbie?


*This is an affiliate link.