The Underbelly of Pregnancy

The Underbelly of Pregnancy

(Original Image Source: Huffington Post) Spoiler Alert: This post is going to be full of things that could be categorized as TMI. If you’re squeamish about bodily functions, or just don’t care about anything related to pregnancy, feel free to skip this one. I’ll be the first to admit that I went into this whole pregnancy thing with a very basic knowledge of what happens to the body. Some of it I learned in the brief period I was pregnant last year, the rest vicariously through other’s pregnancies. And while I felt like I knew what was coming, the reality is most people don’t share the full picture. I mean,...

You are not broken.

You are not broken - by Kelly Rae Roberts

(Image source: Kelly Rae Roberts) 2007 is not a year I look back on with fondness. I was suffering from chronic migraines (the worst one lasted for 8 excruciating weeks), had cold sores every two weeks, had TMJ so bad that I was contemplating surgery, and was moodier than I had ever been. I was also diagnosed with several food sensitivities (the culprits of those pesky symptoms), and was in a car accident that had left me with an incredibly painful sciatic nerve in my back. The culmination of all of those things left me feeling miserable and broken. After a few months of intense physical therapy and some significant...