‘Tis the Season for…Miracles.

Project: Miracles

Project: Miracles

Two years ago, I read Make Miracles in Forty Days by Melody Beattie, a book that completely and utterly changed my life…for the better.

At the time, I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into. Someone had suggested we read it for the Healthy Living Book Club. It had felt like just another project or thing on my to-do list. Turns out, it was the exact thing I needed to shake things up and step outside of myself.

When I picked up the book, I was falling deeper and deeper into a self-imposed hell. We had been trying to get pregnant for over a year without success. I watched as friend after friend announced their happy news. Even total strangers were giddy in their delight. I, on the other hand, was sinking into a nasty depression, and it was getting harder and harder to pretend that everything was okay in my life when it clearly wasn’t.

The 40-day challenge that Beattie outlined in the book seemed easy enough:

  1. Spend 10 minutes a day writing about what you’re grateful for.
  2. After 40 days, a miracle would show up.

I had zero faith (okay, less than zero faith) that my miracle would show up. But hell, what did I have to lose?

I spent the next 40 days writing in a notebook for 10 minutes a day. I would say things like,

I am grateful for…

  • fear and anxiety that my period is due…
  • supportive women business partners, colleagues, and friends
  • being able to do what I love day in and day out
  • my f*cking period
  • having a fantastic and loving husband
  • bills to pay
  • red sparkly nails that look utterly stupid with 90% of the things I own
  • puppy cuddles and kisses and love

And so on.

30 days later, we had another round of our monthly Healthy Living Book Club chat. Someone had asked if anyone was still doing their journaling, and if anyone got their miracle. Turns out, my miracle did show up. I was (very newly) pregnant for the very first time, and beside myself with excitement. Even though that pregnancy didn’t go full term, I never again doubted the power of this exercise.

Project: Miracles helped me:

  • find acceptance in my life, something I was most definitely lacking.
  • cope with my miscarriage.
  • find a new path after that loss.
  • get pregnant again.

And that’s just what I’ve witnessed take shape in my own life as a result.

I’ve also had the opportunity to watch as others create miracles in their own lives, both big and small. And I find myself filled with the same amount of wonder and awe at how a process so damn simple can bring about so many amazing (nay, miraculous) results.

What exactly is Project: Miracles, anyway?

At it’s core, Project: Miracles is 40-day exercise of acceptance. Acceptance of your life as it is—the good and the bad—as a way to move forward and create change in your life.

When we fight our current reality, we stay stuck. When we accept it for what it is, we find peace and we get unstuck.

Don’t let the seemingly simple nature of this exercise fool you. It takes hard work, honest reflection, and continued effort. It is uncomfortable, at times, and also incredibly exciting. It can feel like you’re not making any progress, and it can feel like your life is catapulting forward at lightening speed. All by spending 10 minutes a day writing down what you are grateful or thankful for in your life.

Sound like something you want to do?

Hot. Damn.

Let’s make miracles together!

Miracles aren’t supernatural, they aren’t reserved for the saintly, and they certainly don’t require spells, prayer, or voodoo to come into fruition. They simply require our attention.

According to Beattie, a miracle is anything in our life—emotions, relationships, situations—we want changed that is beyond our ability to control or fix on our own.

You can create miracles in your life, or you can create misery. Personally, I’d rather create miracles.

And I’d rather create them with you.

The details:

Start Date: Monday, January 20th @ 8PM ET
Mid-Project Check-in: Sunday, February 9th @ 8PM ET
Wrap-up Call: Sunday, March 2nd @ 8PM ET

Project: Miracles is a 40-day program devoted to helping you be fully present to your life, your emotions, and your needs. It’s forty days of acceptance, gratitude, and happiness.

During the 40 days of Project: Miracles you will:

  • Turn what you already have into more.
  • Feel connected to your deeper purpose.
  • Learn how to accept yourself for exactly who you are (the good and the bad).
  • Let go of resistance.
  • Feel energized, empowered, and in tune with your whole being.
  • Be at peace with yourself; wherever you are, whomever you’re with, however you feel, and in whatever you’re going through.

What the Project: Miracles entails:

  • Welcome call*, introducing you to the project and setting the tone for the next 6 weeks.
  • Weekly emails with tips, writing activities, and encouragement along the way.
  • Mid-program check-in*, giving you the space to ask questions, hear how others are doing, and keep on track with your miracle-making.
  • Lifetime access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with current and past program participants.
  • Wrap-up call* to share lessons learned and miracles made.
  • Email access to yours truly.

*All calls will be held via Spreecast and recorded, so don’t worry if you can’t make it live.

Investment: $97

There’s only one catch: Project: Miracles is only open to 18 people. The last session filled up pretty quickly, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Register today!

Applications will close at midnight ET, January 13th.

All notifications + instructions for payment will be sent out on January 15th.

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