Upcoming Event: PodCamp 7

Podcamp Pittsburgh 7

Podcamp Pittsburgh 7

It’s that time of year again…when the city of Pittsburgh goes geek!

PodCamp Pittsburgh is a social, new media un-conference filled to the brim with dynamic attendees and speakers who steer the content that is covered. There is so much information covered that it spans two whole days (October 27th + 28th).

The theme this year is building your own digital toolbox. You’ll learn how to share what you do with the world through blogs, social media, videos, and all other types of online media. And you’ll have the opportunity to network with some of the most amazing people in town.

This year, I’m presenting on Saturday afternoon (Oct 27th @ 2PM) with my Propelle Co-Pilots—Carrie Nardini and Kate Stoltzfus—on the topic of creating an irresistible online presence.

Join us for an afternoon (and weekend) of awesome. All are welcome—content creators, social media wizards, designers, builders, and anyone looking to learn and share. Most importantly, we want you there!

As always, registration, socialization and learning is FREE!

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Emily Levenson is a meditation encourager, mama, and Pittsburgh enthusiast. She recently launched a podcast called Nourish + Flourish and is a co-pilot at Propelle.

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