How to become a caregiver for your own body (with Rebecca Scritchfield)

How to become a caregiver for your own body (with Rebecca Scritchfield)

This week on the podcast, I have the pleasure of sitting down with Registered Dietician, Exercise Physiologist, and Author Rebecca Scritchfield for a juicy conversation about dieting and diet culture, true health and wellness, and how to be kinder to your body.

Spoiler alert: Rebecca says that health grows from love and kindness, and not the judgmental, negative chatter or the rigid rules around food and exercise.

So grab a hot cup of something and settle in for an inspiring conversation around health, happiness, and becoming a caregiver for your own body.

I’d love to hear from you!

What stood out most from Rebecca’s interview? How can you start to curate your environment so that your inner caregiver can flourish?

The Episode:

Topics Discussed:

  • An introduction to Rebecca Scritchfield and the work she does
  • Rebecca’s feelings around diet culture and what that has done to our health and happiness
  • Thin privilege and the importance of seeing body and health diversity
  • What tipped the scale for Rebecca around diet culture
  • Mindfulness, intuitive eating, and health at every size
  • How blame and shame are good for marketing and bad for health
  • Your inner caregiver and how she plays a role in health
  • Taking a look at our own judgments and how they shape our behavior
  • “It’s okay” and how to use that as a tool for creating change
  • The power of connection when it comes to health and happiness
  • Why representation matters when it comes to health
  • Seeing diet culture and body bashing for what it is
  • Allyship and killing the diet industry
  • What everyday magic looks and feels like to Rebecca
  • The power of the asking, What’s the next kind and loving choice I could make for myself?

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