The life-changing magic of traveling the world (with Annabelle Needles)

The life-changing magic of traveling the world (with Annabelle Needles)

I sat down with Annabelle Needles — a video editor for creative adventurers, fellow podcaster, and travel aficionado — to talk about the life-changing magic of traveling.

Annabelle was bitten by the travel bug early in life, having traveled around the world with her parents as a child. She has officially been to 23 different countries and 7 continents and is currently touring the United States in a 36 foot RV named Gulliver.

Annabelle shares what she’s learned throughout her life of traveling — both abroad and right here in the United States — and how it has shaped her worldview. She also dishes on making it to her 7th continent (Antartica), what she really thinks about touring the country in an RV, and what has been her favorite place on her travels.

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What stood out most from Annabelle’s interview? How can you push yourself to explore new places — even if you don’t leave the city you live in?

The Episode:

Topics Discussed:

  • An introduction to Annabelle Needles and what she does
  • Annabelle’s early adventures
  • How traveling as a young child shaped Annabelle’s worldview
  • Study abroad and how that was a no-brainer for Annabelle
  • Travel as a transformative experience, especially for an introvert
  • The decision to visit all 7 continents before turning 30
  • The Antartica trip and what that really meant for Annabelle
  • Balancing the need to plan with flexibility while traveling
  • Some of the drawbacks of always being on the road
  • Traveling when you’re an introvert
  • The pros and cons of long-term traveling
  • Tips for anyone looking to travel more — know your travel style, planning while remaining flexible, and the mindset that you can always go back
  • Bringing a sense of adventure to your life and bringing a travel attitude to your life at home
  • The power of connecting with nature and getting outside
  • Annabelle’s favorite place she’s been to … while on her RV trip

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