Authenticity, trust, and the quality of our relationships (with Sage B. Hobbs)

Authenticity, trust, and the quality of our relationships (with Sage B. Hobbs)

Have you ever wondered how to improve the relationships in your life?

First, good on you! That’s truthfully the first step to making positive (and empowered) changes in your life and the way you show up in the world.

Second, you’re really going to enjoy this conversation with women’s empowerment and leadership coach, speaker, author, and podcaster, Sage B. Hobbs. Sage dishes on all things authenticity, trust, and the quality of our relationships. The knowledge she drops in this episode is immense and deeply transformative.

So grab a cuppa and settle in for a beautifully inspiring episode on the power of relationships to enhance our lives and bring us joy.

I’d love to hear from you!

What stood out most from Sage’s interview? What relationships are you wanting to work on improving or bringing into your lives?

The Episode:

Topics Discussed:

  • An introduction to Sage B. Hobbs and what she does
  • Why our relationship with ourselves and not the other way around
  • The power of authenticity and truth in our relationships
  • Being in community and experiencing soul connection with other people
  • The power of female friendships and girlfriends
  • How to cultivate female friendships and deepening the connections we already have
  • Vulnerability in our relationships
  • How vulnerability is the antidote to shame according to Brene Brown
  • The give and take in relationships
  • The power of an apology when you have something to be sorry for
  • Making sure that the people we love know that we feel that way
  • How our attachment to being right impacts our relationships
  • Questioning our assumptions as a way to change our relationships
  • Training our brains to look for where the light is
  • The commitment to being an optimist
  • Habituating yourself to things like joy, pleasure, and gratitude
  • Curiosity as a doorway into changing your life
  • The power of asking yourself, where can we bring some levity here?
  • Spiritual practices as a way to connect to something bigger than yourself
  • Sage’s definition of everyday magic and how it shows up in her life
  • Finding and acknowledging the 4-year-old inside of us all

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