14 of my favorite posts from #100DaysBlogging

One thing that I found interesting throughout the 100 Days of Blogging, was that the posts I loved weren’t always the most popular ones. Sadly, I can’t go back and see which posts were the most popular for the entire duration of the project, but I CAN share with you my favorites.

So here they are, in the order I wrote them, with a little bit about WHY I love them as much asdo.

  1. 2/100: Dear Self.
    This post wrote itself while I was laying in bed with oily, greasy hair. It was super fun to write and unlike anything I had every written before. Two days in, and I felt like I was ON FIRE.
  2. 6/100: UNHEX
    I will always love this moment with The Babe. To see her go from watching a show to testing out the ideas in her own life was pretty special. And it also seemed incredibly poignant, just based on what was coming up in my news feed. I will admit this one also made me a little nervous, as I don’t ever discuss politics or current events.
  3. 8/100: Toddlers are exhausting.
    This one helped me find the fun in an otherwise exhausting and difficult day. And man, was that ever a difficult day.
  4. 25/100: Ten Breaths.
    I don’t always take the time to chat with my neighbors, but am so glad that I allowed myself to slow down and talk on this particular night. There was so much beauty and wisdom in the story she shared with me, and have carried it with me since.
  5. 28/100: Fresh flowers are good for the soul.
    This post was the result of writers block. I had zero idea what to write about and was perusing photos I had taken at an event. I didn’t think much of the post until afterwards, when people began commenting on it. Turns out, I wasn’t alone in how I felt. I was really glad to have a space to write and process on this one, because this would have just remained a passing judgement instead of a beautiful realization.
  6. 32/100: You’re too cute to help.
    OH MAN. This one still strikes a chord with me and makes me feel a bit ragey at what this gentleman had said to The Babe. And yes, I actively avoid his register and find someone else to ring us up as a result. I should probably do a little forgiveness work around that.
  7. 38/100: I so don’t want to be THAT mom.
    This post was a really hard one to write. It was incredibly vulnerable and raw, and also one that garnered a lot of conversation from the people in my life. One of the biggest things to come from that dialogue was the idea that I am not my thoughts, I am the one observing them. That was a really powerful shift for me, and one that I am grateful to have taken in. 
  8. 43/100: 10 Haikus about the best and worst motherhood has to offer.
    I definitely felt really clever after writing these. I had visions of turning it into a book, kind of like the one my friend Rachel pulled together about monsters. And then it kind of fell flat in the water, so…
  9. 51/100: Teaching a two year old how to control anger.
    This was a freakin’ turning point for me. Not only did I cross over into the second half of the project, I also saw the power of parenting choices and how my actions could make or break The Babe’s responses.
  10. 60/100: Why are all comfortable shoes so … ugly?
    I have never really dabbled into the world of fashion, other than one rant about trying on jeans back in 2008. So it was fun to get to try on (figuratively and literally) writing about shoes. Bonus: I also got a huge list of shoes to try, and I’m pretty sure it also got me a sponsored post opportunity around shoes.
  11. 64/100: 10 things that sum up life with a toddler.
    Another post spawned from a picture and a really rough night of having a toddler sleeping on my face. Apparently, I write really when well tired and full of snark. Perhaps that should be my new tagline. Harvest + Bloom: Where exhaustion meets snark.
  12. 80/100: I’m afraid of change and I hate being told what to do.
    The idea for this post had been floating around in my head for a week or so before I was able to wrangle it into a post. And even then, it was more of a visual concept before it was ever a written one. I’ve learned that the stories come out how they come out, and it’s up to me to stay curious and open in the interim.
  13. 85/100: The Most amazing and decadent smoothie you’ll ever make.
    As a recovering food blogger, it felt good to be excited about sharing a recipe again. And I’m thinking that excitement showed, because this was also one of the most viewed/shared post of the project.
  14. 87/100: Who says it all has to be good?
    The Husband and I were having a conversation about blogging and the kinds of things people were saying to him versus me, and I got a little fired up. I want to read real stories about real people and real struggles. I want to know how people deal with the muck WHEN THEY ARE IN IT. Everything else is just a highly curated collection of stories that inspired by life.

Now that I’ve shared a few of my favorites, I’d love to know what yours were.

Was there a post (or more) that really resonated with you? Were there any topics that were particularly excited for you to read about? Is there anything that you’d like me to tackle that I haven’t written about yet?

Tell me, please!

More about Emily Levenson

Emily Levenson is a therapist turned holistic health coach, podcaster, meditation encourager, and seeker of everyday magic. Emily recently kicked off her third #The100DayProject, focusing her efforts on daily meditation.

2 thoughts on “14 of my favorite posts from #100DaysBlogging

  1. Samantha Laffey

    Toddlers Are Exhausting and Unhex definitely stood out for me!
    I’m really inspired by this project. I’m noodling some sort of 100 days project for myself soon…


    1. Emily Levenson

      Thanks lady!

      And if there’s anything I can do to help support the journey, let me know. It looks like there is a group of Pittsburgh bloggers doing a #99DaysSummerBlogging challenge if you want to get started soon.



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