7 podcasts to inspire you on the journey of life

7 podcasts to inspire you on the journey of life

I can’t remember what first got me into podcasts, though am fairly certain it was because of that little purple icon that came preloaded on my iPhone. Regardless of how I came to them, I was hooked fairly early on. And I devoured a lot of podcasts on personal growth, nutrition, running a business, and mindset.

Sadly, my ability to focus on and consume podcasts dwindled pretty significantly once I had my daughter. But that didn’t stop me from loving them. (Or starting them, ahem.)

I’m slowly making my way back to podcasts, filling up my queue with shows that inspire me and pique my curiosity. The following 7 are all podcasts that have left me feeling inspired and like I could take on the world.

7 podcasts to inspire you on the journey of life: The Girl Be Free Podcast from Siobhan Sudberry

The Girl Be Free Podcast

I’m a huge fan of Siobhan Sudberry, host of The Girl Be Free Podcast. I met Siobhan almost two years ago and was taken by her vision and passion in all of the things she was doing. So it came as no surprise that I fell in love with her podcast at first listen. I love how Siobhan crams so much wisdom and inspiration into a small chunk of time, making it easy to listen to episodes while I’m cooking or in the car driving. I also love that she ends each episode with a call to action, which helps to solidify the ideas she shares and bring them to life in a meaningful way.

» befreeproject.com/podcast

7 podcasts to inspire you on the journey of life: The In Her Voice podcast with Kelly Covert

In Her Voice

You may be familiar with the host of In Her Voice, Kelly J. Covert, from our conversation on Some Kind Of Magic. (And if not, GO LISTEN TO IT NOW.) Kelly is an absolute light; wise, kindhearted, and just plain inspiring in every possible way. I absolutely love her perspective on cultivating our inner wisdom and trusting it enough to listen. The podcast is the perfect blend of personal stories, interviews, and bite-sized lessons that get you thinking in really profound ways.

» kellycovert.com/podcast

7 podcasts to inspire you on the journey of life: The Living Open podcast with Eryn Johnson

Living Open

If you’ve been curious about things like tarot, crystals, energy work and healing, yoga, or anything witchy, Living Open is for you. Host Eryn Johnson explores all of these topics and more through interviews, guided meditations, and short solo-episodes. Eryn is wise beyond her years and she just oozes a gentle and loving energy in each of her episodes. Speaking of episodes, my personal favorite is an interview she did with Rebel Deck founder, Shannon Gomez (Episode #36).

» livingopenshow.com

7 podcasts to inspire you on the journey of life: The Raise Your Hand. Say Yes. podcast with Tiffany Han

Raise Your Hand. Say Yes.

This podcast has been in my library since the very beginnings. It was one of the first podcasts I listened to, and one that I’ve actually listened to the longest. I love host Tiffany Han’s no-nonsense approach to life and business, and always enjoy the guests she brings on the show. She has a true knack for putting out content that is applicable to where I am in my own life, making me a fan for life.

» tiffanyhan.com/podcast

7 podcasts to inspire you on the journey of life: The Black Girl In Om podcast with Lauren Ash and Deun Ivory

Black Girl In Om

Another oldie AND goodie that has been in my library from my early days of podcast listening is Black Girl In Om. I found this one when I was looking for conversations around food and nutrition that weren’t so diet driven. BGIO was everything I was looking for and more. With topics like mindfulness, meditation, intuitive eating, and self-care, there is so much wisdom to glean from each and every episode. Tl;dr they make personal growth and development FUN.

» blackgirlinom.com/podcast

7 podcasts to inspire you on the journey of life: The Depth & Candor podcast with Hiwote Getaneh

Depth & Candor

Depth & Candor is the newest podcast to take up space in my library and I’m really excited to dive into the archives. Host Hiwote Getaneh is smart, funny, and insightful when it comes to living what she calls a vibrant life. Her interviews are on point and her solo episodes will make you nod your head while you stop to take copious notes. The episode that got me hooked was about discovering your purpose and how to lean in the direction of your joy. (So good. So, so good.)

» depthandcandor.com

Now it’s your turn!

What podcasts do you listen to and love? Bonus points if they are in the realm of personal growth and development.

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