How to boost your self-confidence (with Sheena Yap Chan)

How to boost your self-confidence (with Sheena Yap Chan)

This week’s episode is all about exploring the magic of self-confidence. Which, let’s be honest, is something that a lot of women (myself included) struggle with. The good news is, you can absolutely change that and build your self-confidence one small action at a time.

Sheena Yap Chan, the podcaster and blogger behind The Tao of Self-Confidence, was kind enough to sit down with me and dive deep around what self-confidence is and how to cultivate more of it in our own lives. Spoiler alert: it has everything to do with being authentic, taking action, and taking good care of ourselves.

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What stood out most from Sheena’s interview? What steps can you take today to embrace your story and love up on yourself?

The Episode:

Topics Discussed:

  • An introduction to Sheena and her podcast, The Tao of Self-Confidence
  • How Sheena became interested in the topic of self-confidence
  • Authenticity and how that directly impacts the way we feel about ourselves
  • How the markers of success are meaningless without knowing how someone got there
  • What Sheena has learned about confidence from interviewing close to 500 women
  • The power of making mistakes and coloring outside the lines
  • Embracing the idea that if you can see it, it’s possible
  • The role of community in Sheena’s transformation
  • How Sheena cultivates confidence in her own life
  • Simplifying things — whether that’s clothing, the decisions we make each day, or the food we eat
  • Learning to let go and how that transformed Sheena’s life
  • Creating our own definition of success
  • The logical, rational approach versus the intuitive, feeling approach
  • What everyday magic looks and feels like to Sheena

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