How I make sure my time is spent on the things I value the most

How I make sure my time is spent on the things I value the most

Something I’ve been focusing on for the last few months (and have written a few newsletters about) is how I’m spending my time and whether it’s in alignment with the things that I value most.

Ever since reading Better Than Before* by Gretchen Rubin, I’ve been been thinking about the habits — good and bad — that fill up my day. What I came to realize was that I wasn’t spending my time or energy on the things that mattered most to me.

I said that I wanted to feel better, eat better, and exercise more … and yet, my behavior was telling a completely different story. I would mindlessly play on my phone instead of reading or moving my body, I would make excuse after excuse for not taking care of myself, and I would binge eat my feelings while also saying that I wanted to eat healthy and nourish my body.

First thing I did after reading the book was to write out everything that I value most, AKA the things that make me feel loved, supported, energized, and filled with joy. I began to notice several themes in the things I was writing down: being in deep connection with others, self-care, writing, being outside, and spending time with family.

When I compared the things on my list to how I was really spending my time, I saw that I had a lot of work to do in order to bring those two things into alignment.

Talk about an eye-opening moment. (more…)

The downside of daily meditation. Because even things that are supposed to be good for you can suck sometimes.

The downside of daily meditation: because even things that are supposed to be good for you can suck sometimes. #meditation #mindfulness #awareness #selfdiscovery #wellness #wellbeing #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment

In last week’s post, I shared about some of the (more pleasant or “positive”) shifts I’ve been noticing over the last two and a half months of meditating daily. I realize now (thanks to a friend and meditation mentor) that I didn’t really paint a complete picture of what’s been going on. So I wanted to take some time this week to broaden the picture and share about the downside of a daily meditation practice.

Because meditating daily isn’t (and hasn’t) been all textbook zen and perfect.

I also want to clarify that these observations are based on a decade-long practice of meditation and even longer time spent observing my thoughts and behaviors.

Additionally, it may help to consider last week’s post to be POINT, while this week’s post is COUNTERPOINT. Or light versus shadow. In other words, the things mentioned below are all opposite sides of the same coin. (I promise it will make sense as you read on. Well, I hope it does. 😂)


The difference a little meditation can make.

The ease and the struggle of a daily meditation practice. An honest reflection of the impact a daily meditation practice can have. #meditation #selfcare #mindfulness #shadowwork #wellness #mindset

Back on April 3rd of this year, I embarked upon my 3rd 100 Day Project (!!). For someone who wasn’t sure she could do anything for 100 days in a row without flaking out, that feels like a pretty epic accomplishment.

In previous years I’ve focused my time and energy on blogging (year 1) and yoga (year 2). This year, I thought I was going to spend my time painting faces but at the last minute decided to go with meditation instead. Daily meditation was something I really wanted to do, and knew that I needed to do, but didn’t think I’d actually commit to doing it daily without some sort of accountability (even if it was just to myself).

So, meditation it was.

I am happy to report that I’ve been meditating every single night for the past 70+ even though I haven’t been sharing about my journey much. I have been learning a lot through my practice and thought that it would only be fitting to share about it now that I am over two-thirds of they way through my 100 days.

Better late than never, right?