Grapefruit + Spinach Smoothie

Have you ever noticed that kids get enamored with and/or fixated on the strangest things? During our last trip to the grocery store, The Babe was all about grapefruits. Her favorite section (and mine, too) is the fresh produce — so many cools things to look at and touch.

I apparently spent a bit too much time lingering in the citrus section, because The Babe kept pointing at the grapefruit area and asking “What that?”

I handed her a grapefruit and told her about their sweet and tart insides and she smiled, hug it tight, and said “Let’s get.”

Your wish is my command, kiddo.

And then it promptly got shoved into the fruit bowl so that I could figure out what the heck to do with it. You know, aside from just plain eating it. I eventually took to Pinterest, because I was curious about smoothie combinations.

Turns out, there are maybe two ways to add grapefruit to smoothies: with mango and banana OR strawberries and banana.


I managed to find this (gorgeous) looking smoothie from Get Inspired Everyday and knew that this was going to be my next smoothie. It did NOT disappoint.

Grapefruit + Spinach Smoothie

The perfectly sweet and tart way to start your day. Bonus points for getting in a healthy dose of greens.

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