Hello, fall.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons.

Second only to Spring, when everything is coming to life (and bloom) after a deep freeze. It’s like a rare gem is waiting for you around every corner. The air is ripe with electricity. Everything is ready to spring into action. Fall has that same electric energy for me. Everyone is ready to hunker in and get down to business. The break in the sweltering heat of summer gets people outside and exploring. And the trees go out in a dazzling blaze of color.

This is really the first fall that The Babe has been old enough to appreciate and enjoy. She delights in the leaves, the colors, the cool breeze. Her favorite activity as of late: running around in the grass, tumbling to the ground, rolling around, and squealing with delight.

On our last walk, she was enthralled with the crunching of the leaves under the wheels of her stroller. She reached her hand out to hold the leaves and would crunch them in her hand. The brighter and more colorful they were, the more she delighted in holding onto them.

And so we went, collecting leaves and enjoying the beauty all around us.

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