Learning how to develop your own intuition (with Tina Conroy)

Episode 17: Learning how to develop your own intuition (with Tina Conroy)

I sat down with Tina Conroy, A.K.A The Intuitive Woman, to talk about all things intuition. Tina is a yoga instructor, reiki master, and intuitive who first realized she could connect with Spirit and intuition as a child. Tina shares story after story of how she first connected with her gifts, her family history with intuition and prophetic dreams in particular, and how she really came into her own with intuition as an adult. 

What I love most about this episode — and I really loved all of it — is how Tina breaks down the components of intuition and shares practical tools for developing it your own life.

If you’ve ever been curious about intuition or wanted to strengthen your own skills, this episode is for you. We talk about everything from what intuition is and how it shows up for people, daily practices to help you be more in tune with your intuition, and tools to help you along the way (like meditation, crystals, and oracle cards).

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What stood out most from Tina’s interview?

Do you consider yourself to be intuitive? How has that shown up in your life?

The Episode:

Topics Discussed:

  • An introduction to Tina Conroy and what she does
  • When Tina first realized she was intuitive and how that shaped her childhood
  • Intuition in children and why that fades as we get older
  • What intuition is and how that can show up for people
  • The 4 “clairs” of intuition — clairaudience (hearing voices), clairvoyance (seeing images), clairsentience (recognizing feelings), and claircognizance (knowing)
  • How to determine your “clair” and what that means for you
  • The cultural and societal differences with feelings and intuition
  • Empathic versus clairsentient (or intuitive) and how that shows up
  • Tools for protecting your energy and creating a shield around yourself
  • The benefits of intuition and learning to trust what’s showing up
  • Daily practices to help you connect with your own intuition
  • The value of a morning routine and what Tina’s looks like
  • Tarot versus oracle cards and the different messages that show up based on what you use
  • Why Tina says “rejection is God’s protection”
  • Tina’s definition of everyday magic and how it shows up in her life
  • Gratitude as a way to be more present to the miracles in the everyday
  • A spiritual growth period and how that culminated for Emily during her sabbatical

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