The difference a little meditation can make.

The ease and the struggle of a daily meditation practice. An honest reflection of the impact a daily meditation practice can have. #meditation #selfcare #mindfulness #shadowwork #wellness #mindset

Back on April 3rd of this year, I embarked upon my 3rd 100 Day Project (!!). For someone who wasn’t sure she could do anything for 100 days in a row without flaking out, that feels like a pretty epic accomplishment.

In previous years I’ve focused my time and energy on blogging (year 1) and yoga (year 2). This year, I thought I was going to spend my time painting faces but at the last minute decided to go with meditation instead. Daily meditation was something I really wanted to do, and knew that I needed to do, but didn’t think I’d actually commit to doing it daily without some sort of accountability (even if it was just to myself).

So, meditation it was.

I am happy to report that I’ve been meditating every single night for the past 70+ even though I haven’t been sharing about my journey much. I have been learning a lot through my practice and thought that it would only be fitting to share about it now that I am over two-thirds of they way through my 100 days.

Better late than never, right?

The difference a little meditation can make...

Daily meditation has helped me…

Be more present in my daily life.I am less inclined to grab my phone and just zone out. And I am much more likely to stop and breath in the gloriousness around me (especially if that gloriousness involves flowering bushes, shrubs, and trees).

Be less reactive, particularly when I’m angry or being pushed to my limits. I also peak lower and faster than I have in the past.

Sleep better! One of the benefits of meditating at night is that it helps me fall asleep faster and sleep better than when I don’t do it.

Connect with my physical body. Meditation has really cleared away the noise and gotten me in touch with my physical body in a really powerful way. That has led me to make a significant amount of changes in how I take care of myself.

See my thoughts for what they are. Because I watch my thoughts during my meditations each night, I am better able to watch them during my non-meditation hours and not let them spiral into something toxic or overly negative.

Connect the dots in so many areas of my life. Funny how 5-10 minutes a night has really helped me connect the dots between physical sensations and emotions, foods and how I feel in my body, and a thousand other things.

Sharpen my intuition and be more present to divine guidance. It has also helped me to protect my own energy so that I’m not always taking in the energy of those around me. Pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

Lighten the load. Not only have I shed unwanted emotions, stories, beliefs, and baggage, I’ve also shed a few pounds. I attribute that success to all of the above, as well as being more in tune with my body and working hard to find foods that make me feel good. It’s a win-win-win.

Feel more at peace. I would have never guessed that 5-10 minutes of focused time for myself would have had such an impact here, but it has. I feel less compelled to share about the minutiae of my life on social media, nor do I feel as caught up in the numbers like I was in the past. I also don’t feel as compelled by THINGS, and find myself craving a more minimalistic lifestyle that isn’t driven by the latest and greatest anything. There’s a lot less WANT and a whole lot more contentment and peace with what I already have.

And you know what? This just feels like the tip of the iceberg.

Yes, there are days when I just don’t feel like doing it. And there are other days where I question whether what I’m doing is really considered meditation or even doing what I am telling myself it’s doing for me.

But the reality is, I just plain feel better when I meditate. Even if it’s just 5 minutes a day before bed.

I’d love to hear from you! 

Are you a regular meditator? What’s your longest streak with meditation been? And what have you noticed as the result of your meditation practice? Leave a comment below or shoot me an email and let me know.

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This post was original shared with my newsletter and is Part 1 of a 2-part series on meditation. You can read Part 2 on the downside of a daily meditation practice here.

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Emily Levenson is a therapist turned holistic health coach, podcaster, meditation encourager, and seeker of everyday magic. Emily recently kicked off her third #The100DayProject, focusing her efforts on daily meditation.

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