Why it all comes back to the breath (with Meagan Roppo)

Why it all comes back to the breath — an interview with Meagan Roppo of She Enlightened

I’m fairly certain there isn’t a person on the planet who would argue that breathing isn’t important. (I mean, we’d be kind of dead without it.) But did you know that our breath is also a tool that we can use to regulate our emotions, bring more awareness into our lives, and balance our energy? 

That’s what this week’s guest, Meagan Roppo of She Enlightened, and I spend our time talking about in this week’s episode of the podcast.

I’m not gonna lie, there are a few moments in the interview where I had trouble containing my excitement about what she was saying. (Spoiler alert: it has everything to do with what Meagan says the practice of yoga is really intended to do.)

I’d love to hear from you!

What stood out most from Meagan’s interview? What role has meditation played in your own life and journey?

The Episode:

Topics Discussed:

  • An introduction to Meagan Roppo and what she does
  • How Meagan found meditation and the role it played in her life
  • Meditation as a tool for self-care
  • Making meditation and yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of their backgrounds or experiences
  • What meditation (and yoga) has done for Meagan over the past 7 years
  • The power of meditation to accept your situation for what it is and be present
  • The many benefits of meditation — from sleeping better to feeling empowered to having more room to process our emotions
  • The feminine side of meditation
  • Affirmations, visualization, and loving kindness meditation 
  • The ripple effect of meditation 
  • Why Meagan says that yoga found her and how she’s exploring it now
  • The power of the breath on and off the yoga mat
  • Why Meagan says that every emotion has a specific breath associated with it
  • Alternate nostril breathing and connecting with the wisdom of our bodies
  • Meagan’s advice for anyone wanting to get into meditation (and it’s not what you think)
  • Setting intentions for your meditation practice 
  • Why Meagan says that meditation it is what it becomes
  • What everyday magic looks and feels like for Meagan and how it unfolds in her life

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