Self love.

I had my cards read last night at an event.

It was an interesting reading, affirming where I am in my life and the struggles that are preventing me from moving forward. Struggles that have been kept hidden under the surface, quietly sabotaging me and keeping me stuck.

Intellectually, I knew what I was being told was true. I just couldn’t put my finger on when or how it was happening.

And then today, I saw it.

I went to check Instagram for the fifth time in 20 minutes. I had posted two photos this morning and wanted to see if they were getting likes. The little orange box popped up at the bottom, telling me that I had 3 new likes and 1 comment.

My immediate thought: Whatever. It’s probably just a response to a comment that I posted on someone else’s photos. No one cares about what I’m posting. 

Uh …

And here I thought I was a wellspring of positivity and empowerment.

Turns out I’m a mere mortal struggling with this shit like the rest of the world. One who needs to stay vigilant in keeping my inner critic (who likes to mask herself as the kind-hearted motivator) in check, and telling her to piss off on the regular.

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Emily Levenson is a therapist turned holistic health coach, podcaster, meditation encourager, and seeker of everyday magic. Emily recently kicked off her third #The100DayProject, focusing her efforts on daily meditation.

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