• Self-Care

    How to prioritize self-care, even if you don’t have time.

    Before I took my month-long sabbatical in October of 2017, I would grimace at the thought of taking time out from work to do anything that involved self-care. It didn’t matter if those things would make me feel better, more inspired, or happier, I had to eek every ounce of productivity I could from the small amount of time I had without my daughter.

    I would literally find myself getting angry if the dog needed to go outside and pee. How DARE she interrupt me when I was working. Don’t even get me started at how I would feel when my daughter decided not to nap in the afternoon.

    And then, I stopped working for a month and filled my hours and days with the most luxurious self-care that I could think of. I scheduled massages. I went in for Reiki. I went to the library and took home stacks of books at a time. I went for long, leisurely walks with my dog. I painted. I spent hours writing down every single thing I was grateful for.

    And in that time I noticed a few things.

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