You don’t need to wait for New Years to plan out your year

Why wait until January to plan out  your year? Why not use your birthday (or a random Tuesday) instead. Here are 6 areas to think about when planning out your year. #goals #planning #personalgoals #professionalgoals #personalgrowth #development #lists #writingprompts
Photo by Chimene Gaspar on Unsplash

I turned 40 at the end of August.

(Hallelujah! Seriously.)

When I was a kid, 40 seemed SO OLD to me. Like it was the pinnacle of being an adult. Now that I’m here, I can assure you it feels way less like the pinnacle of adulthood and way more like any other year of my life. 

Perhaps that’s why I felt so compelled to switch things up. I didn’t want it to feel like just another year. I wanted to usher in this new decade with intentionality and joy. I wanted to set goals for myself and try new things. Most of all, I wanted this year (and decade) to be one of growth and exploration.