7 podcasts to inspire you on the journey of life

7 podcasts to inspire you on the journey of life

I can’t remember what first got me into podcasts, though am fairly certain it was because of that little purple icon that came preloaded on my iPhone. Regardless of how I came to them, I was hooked fairly early on. And I devoured a lot of podcasts on personal growth, nutrition, running a business, and mindset.

Sadly, my ability to focus on and consume podcasts dwindled pretty significantly once I had my daughter. But that didn’t stop me from loving them. (Or starting them, ahem.)

I’m slowly making my way back to podcasts, filling up my queue with shows that inspire me and pique my curiosity. The following 7 are all podcasts that have left me feeling inspired and like I could take on the world.


Why being intentional with your time and energy is so important (with Kyshira S. Moffett)

Episode 1: An interview with Kyshira Moffett on why being intentional with your time and energy is so important.

I’m kicking off the Some Kind Of Magic podcast with an interview of one of my favorite people in Pittsburgh, Kyshira S. Moffett of Hustle Her Way and Life of a Bombshell Cosmetics.

Kyshira shares about what originally brought her to Pittsburgh, the power of trusting the process, and how a simple question like “who are you trying to impress” ended up changing her life. And since Kyshira is a real-life Wonder Woman, we also talk about finding balance in her life and work.


Seeking to embrace the magical in the mundane everyday moments of life

An introduction to the Some Kind of Magic podcast!

When I first found out that the Nourish + Flourish podcast was be coming to an end, I had a mix of emotions.

First and foremost, I was extremely happy for Betsy because I knew this was a necessary step in her personal journey. In my heart, I knew it was time for her to embrace her calling and move in a new direction.

Once the initial wave of excitement for her had settled, I began to realize how much I was going to miss the podcasting medium. That year of talking, connecting, and stretching was transformational and I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye. I spent a lot of journaling, meditating, and thinking about my next steps and the thing I kept coming back to was podcasting.