The what, why, and how of meditation.

Feeling anxious? Meditation can help with that. Feel down or depressed? You guessed it. Meditation. Want to feel more balanced and centered? Meditate. Want to lose weight? Meditate. Want to get off that pesky medication for high blood pressure? MED-I-TATE. Just want to do something good for yourself? Medi… Do I really have to say it again?

Over the years, I have felt like a broken record because I am constantly touting the benefits of meditation. But then I remember why I do.

Because it works.

Meditation helps to reduce stress, control anxiety, improve cognition and focus, promote emotional health, control pain, improve sleep, slow down the aging process, lower blood pressure, fight addictions, and encourage other healthy habits (source and source).

It’s so effective, that you can start to feel an impact within 60 seconds (or 4 breath cycles). Meditation also has what is called a cumulative effect, meaning the more you practice it, the more of an impact it will have on your physical and emotional health.

So let’s break down what meditation is and how to go about doing it.