Why opting out of social was the ultimate act of self-care

An analog girl in a digital world | Why I believe deleting my Facebook and Twitter accounts was the ultimate act of self-care. #socialmedia #socialmediadetox #selfcare #personalgrowth #wellbeing #mentalhealth
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For whatever reason, this season of my life has been extremely difficult. We have been struggling with my daughter’s behavior a lot, causing me to feel overwhelmed and like I’m failing her in some way.

Add to that some existential angst of my own and it’s been a cluster fuck of shame, guilt, anger, frustration, sadness, and pure exhaustion. 

My escape for a long time now has been to pull out my phone and zone out on whatever social media app holds my interest. Which is counterproductive and entirely unhelpful with my daughter who acts up even more in a bid to get my attention. 

Two weeks ago, I decided that it was time to take another break from social media (interesting timing since this is exactly when I signed off last year) and shut down everything, including the podcast.


Be the best version of YOU with these 5 self-help books

Be the best version of YOU with these 5 self-help books #mustread #selfhelp #personalgrowth #books #readinglist #selfcare #habits #wellness
Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash  

This week I’m switching things up and having my friend and fellow self-help junkie, Jessica I. Lutz, share 5 books that have totally transformed her life.

I’m not going to lie, I was ridiculously excited to see what Jessica would share because she is an avid reader who happens to be interested in a lot of the same topics that I am. Believe me when I say her Instagram Feed (and Stories) is a treasure trove of resources and titles to add to your reading list. 

So here you have it, folks, 5 books that changed Jessica’s life for the better and why.


How to embrace radical self-care in your own life (with Monica Ballard)

How to embrace radical self-care in your own life (with Monica Ballard) #podcast #selfcare #selflove #wellness #emotionalwellbeing #wellbeing #spirituality

Self-care is a conversation that I’ve been wanting to dive deep with and am thrilled to be talking about it with Monica Ballard, a massage therapist, reiki practitioner, yoga instructor, and fellow podcaster.

Monica shares about her her life and work, using her personal journey to inform her professional passions around radical self-care. 

We start our conversation with several book recommendations in the self-help genre, then weave our way through the concept of radical self-care as it relates to authenticity, awareness, integrity, and integration, and, finally, end on one of the most beautiful stories about crocodiles and the Never-Not-Broken Goddess. 

I found this entire conversation to be informative, thought-provoking, and profound and am truly excited to go back and listen again because of the nuggets of wisdom Monica shares throughout.