How to show up in sisterhood (with Emily Cassel)

Episode 25 of Some Kind of Magic: How to show up in sisterhood (with Emily Cassel) | #podcast #sisterhood #divinefeminine #empowerment #entrepreneurship #

I had the chance to sit down with Emily Cassel of the Sexy Soulful Success Podcast. Emily and I spent our time talking about sisterhood and how holding space for other women through things like sisterhood circles is a sacred act.

The episode begins with a discussion around masculine versus feminine energy, turns towards old paradigms for success and why they don’t work for women, moves into the power of relationships and how they challenge us to grow and evolve, and ends with all of the reasons why sisterhood and sisterhood circles are a tool for the empowerment of women and the world as a whole.

To say that I learned a lot from our conversation would be an understatement. And I hope you feel the same after listening to it yourself.