Be the best version of YOU with these 5 self-help books

Be the best version of YOU with these 5 self-help books #mustread #selfhelp #personalgrowth #books #readinglist #selfcare #habits #wellness
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This week I’m switching things up and having my friend and fellow self-help junkie, Jessica I. Lutz, share 5 books that have totally transformed her life.

I’m not going to lie, I was ridiculously excited to see what Jessica would share because she is an avid reader who happens to be interested in a lot of the same topics that I am. Believe me when I say her Instagram Feed (and Stories) is a treasure trove of resources and titles to add to your reading list. 

So here you have it, folks, 5 books that changed Jessica’s life for the better and why.


Get your yoga on with these free resources

Get your yoga on with these free resources. #youtube #yoga #mindfulness #mindbodysoul #movement #moveyourbody #namaste #namaslay #fwfg

Yoga has been a key component in my self-care routine for the past 5 years. Not only has yoga helped me feel stronger physically, it has helped to align and support my emotional, mental, and spiritual growth in ways that I could never have imagined or deemed possible.

My very first memories of yoga were as a kid. My mom tells me that we did yoga together, though I don’t really remember it. What I do remember, however, is a book we had at home* that showed pictures of all the different poses. Tree pose was my favorite, probably because I was bendy from gymnastics. I also loved how it calmed my mind and gave me something to focus on.

I didn’t find yoga again until I was an adult. The gym I belonged to had free yoga classes and so I would pop in from time to time. It made me feel like a kid again — tapping into that strength and flexibility I had so enjoyed when I was younger. But I stopped doing it after I was in a car accident and had sciatic nerve pain in my back. 

It wasn’t until I found Yoga with Adriene and her 30 Days of Yoga challenge that I got back into a regular yoga practice. Perhaps it was the fact that she talked to her (ridiculously amazing) cat leggings or that her videos made me feel better (and stronger, and more at peace). I didn’t care. I was hooked.


7 podcasts to inspire you on the journey of life

7 podcasts to inspire you on the journey of life

I can’t remember what first got me into podcasts, though am fairly certain it was because of that little purple icon that came preloaded on my iPhone. Regardless of how I came to them, I was hooked fairly early on. And I devoured a lot of podcasts on personal growth, nutrition, running a business, and mindset.

Sadly, my ability to focus on and consume podcasts dwindled pretty significantly once I had my daughter. But that didn’t stop me from loving them. (Or starting them, ahem.)

I’m slowly making my way back to podcasts, filling up my queue with shows that inspire me and pique my curiosity. The following 7 are all podcasts that have left me feeling inspired and like I could take on the world.