The Sad Truth About Playdates

Play dates are a wonderful thing. They help to socialize kiddos, get mamas out of the house, and can give that much needed push to finally go to that place you’ve been talking about for ages.

But what they absolutely suck at 90% of the time, is actual adult interaction and connection.

In the beginning, when they don’t do much else besides lay on the ground and coo, it’s amazing. There is a whole lot of conversation going on and actual connection. In fact, play dates at that age are 100% for the mama. The baby’s just happen to be there, being all adorable.

And then, somewhere along the line, the tables turn.

Play dates become this thing where you meet up somewhere fun and spend the entire time asking each other what’s new before running off to grab your kid so they don’t fall or do something stupid.

You never actually hear the answer, nor do you get to ask anything deeper.

Take, for example, today’s play date. A friend and her son came all the way out to our neck of the woods to play and we literally saw each other and talked for 5 minutes. Yet, we were in the same room for over an hour. Last month we had a dinner play date at a friend’s house. We mayyyyybe had 10 minutes to chat while the kids were stuffing their faces with pizza. And that was only because we put on a television show.

Does this mean I’ll be giving up on play dates any time soon? Absolutely not. The Babe loves them and it gets us out of the house.

I’ll just have to set up some play dates for Mama, too.

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One thought on “The Sad Truth About Playdates

  1. Natalie Cerino Kovacic

    This, yes! Playdates are wonderful but they’re not for digging deep. Which I think so many moms of young children really want to do.


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