The Trashman

I’m a HUGE X-Files fan.

Have been since it first came out back in 1993. I have fond memories of watching episodes on my 13″ television with 13 other girls crammed into my college dorm room. When the X-Files movie came out, I was the first in line to buy a ticket.

All this to say, when they announced a new season would begin in 2016, I just about passed out from excitement.

In Episode 4 (A.K.A. — Home Again), The Trashman taught me something important: treat people with dignity, regardless of their lot in life. Otherwise, someone like The Band-Aid Nose Man will come after you and rip you apart, limb by limb, and drip maggots along the way.

Solid advice, if not a bit dramatic. (And disgusting.)

I almost forgot this nugget of wisdom after watching THE MOST BRILLIANT SCENE IN TELEVISION HISTORY. And then, this morning, I was driving downtown and got stopped behind a garbage truck.

Normally, this would make me stabby (because I’m always running late).

But today, all I could do was smile.

There was a garbage man jogging in place, dancing around while grabbing trash bins, and generally looked like he was having the time of his life. All while slinging other people’s trash into the back of a truck. When he realized that I was waiting to pass, he waved to his colleague and they hopped into the truck with the biggest grins on their faces and waved as they drove by.

They were seriously the happiest dudes I’ve seen in a long time.

And yet, they were doing a job that 99% of the population thinks is degrading and beneath them.

Again, The Trashman taught me a very important lesson: do things with a sense of joy, laughter, and enjoyment. It will make everything better.


Image Source: The X-Files Poster Project

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