Things I’m kind of obsessed with lately.

Have you ever found yourself going down the rabbit hole of awesome and feel like you need to share what you’ve been enjoying? That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling lately about these 10 things. 

  1. Pomelos. Because how can you resist anything that’s citrusy sweet and can be picked off a tree anytime you want?
  2. Kacey Musgraves. Still.
  3. A Color Story for editing photos. It makes everything so … fresh.
  4. Wheat Thins. I made the mistake of buying them for an airplane snack and managed to polish off half the box before we landed. Restrain, I haz none.
  5. Trader Joe’s Happy Trekking Trail Mix. That shit is the bomb diggity. And dangerous. I had to force myself to go in another room to stop from eating it.
  6. Moscato wine. It’s seriously ruined me from any other wine out there. The sweetness and slight effervescence are simply magical.
  7. Taking pictures with my mom’s Sony α6000.
  8. Instagram. I’ve been feeling a bit MEH about every other form of social media EXCEPT for Instagram. For some reason it feels more connected and real, making it so much easier to share and engage. (I used to love you so, Twitter, but I’ve been feeling a lot like an estranged lover the last few months. Perhaps it’s time we took a break. It’s me, not you…)
  9. This color, apparently. As I’ve gotten a new coat and a new shirt in the last week that’s this color. Bonus that it looks great with all of that blush colored jewelry I got for my Alt Summit dinner with Cents of Style.
  10. Bold patterns.

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Emily Levenson is a therapist turned holistic health coach, podcaster, meditation encourager, and seeker of everyday magic. Emily recently kicked off her third #The100DayProject, focusing her efforts on daily meditation.

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