You are not alone.

The Babe and I had some friends over for a play date today. (I know, I totally said they sucked last week.) And while it wasn’t the easiest one we’ve ever had (there were epic tantrums over toy sharing), it was also a really great one.

Great in the sense that the things I’ve been struggling with lately are par for the course of being a working mama. The clingy-toddler-who-won’t-eat-anything stage. The feeling of being all touched out and needing alone time at night instead of spending time with The Husband. The frustration of never having enough uninterrupted time to get work done.

All par for the course, and all things my friend has experienced herself being a working mama.

This need for validation and camaraderie is why we spent the majority of our time talking about putting together a round table for working mamas to have discussions like these. To talk about the struggles, the joys, and everything in between. To know that what we are experiencing is par of the course, and to connect with other mama’s who are working hard too.

I know from experience how lonely it can be day in and day out. I also know how impactful it is to be reminded that I am not alone.


P.S. — The above song came on the radio after a really amazing Cellular Expansion session with Tracy Schrock where she told me I had a lot of people (guides, spirits, angels, loved ones) looking out for me and helping me as we were trying to conceive. It was a beautiful (and somewhat playful) reminder then, and even more so now that I’ve read the full lyrics.

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Emily Levenson is a therapist turned holistic health coach, podcaster, meditation encourager, and seeker of everyday magic. Emily recently kicked off her third #The100DayProject, focusing her efforts on daily meditation.

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